Enjoying the Ride Since 1989
About Us

We all enjoy the ride. Whether commuting by bike to escape traffic or stay in shape, exploring trails and mountains with friends, pushing mental and physical limits in a weekend race, or taking a two-wheeled adventure with the family – the bicycle allows pure enjoyment like few other things in life.  At Pedro’s, we are committed to keeping your bicycle running right by offering innovative, unique, and high quality cleaners, lubricants, tools, and accessories that are safe for you, your family, and the environment, so you enjoy today’s ride…and tomorrow’s.
Pedro’s – Enjoying the Ride Since 1989

Then and Now: A Brief Pedro’s History

In 1989, roommates Bruce Fina and Andrew Herrick founded the Pedro’s brand around a revolutionary chain lube called “Syn Lube” developed by Bruce’s tribologist brother a few years earlier.  Friends of Bruce and Andrew’s were living and racing mountain bikes in the Pacific Northwest and couldn’t find a lube that would last an entire race in the muddy conditions.  The other Teflon based chain lubes couldn’t handle the mud, but Syn Lube quickly became the lube of choice due to its unique combination of synthetic oil, staying power, and detergent ingredients.  Once mountain bikers tried Syn Lube and experienced its performance, and word spread, demand skyrocketed and the Pedro’s brand was officially off to the races!

About Pedro's History: Andrew Herrick and Bruce Fina

Pedro’s founders: Andrew Herrick and Bruce Fina

With the mountain bike boom of the 90’s, the New England based Pedro’s brand grew quickly over the next six years introducing Syn Grease, Syn Lube Road, Bio Degreaser, Bike Lust polish, Extra Dry lube, Oranj Peelz degreaser, and a small line of accessories made from recycled plastics including the Milk levers, Milk cage, and grips.  If that wasn’t enough, the brand also launched its famous grassroots support program, racing service program, and mountain bike festival!  The brand’s roots in cycling had been firmly planted and a cult following ensued.  People loved Pedro’s for the customer focus, grassroots support and easy-going nature.  Another aspect embraced by fans was Pedro’s eco friendly products…though if you asked Bruce and Andrew, they would have told you that wasn’t necessarily the goal, but they were glad people liked it!

About Pedro's historical products

By 2000, Pedro’s added a complete line of professional grade tools uniquely positioning itself as a complete bicycle care brand.  The additional products further supported the grassroots program and Pedro’s Racing Service and Pedro’s supported as many as 375 grassroots riders and 60 events each year.

Today, our small team proudly carries on the Pedro’s traditions of customer focus, grassroots support, and easy-going attitude while continuing to provide innovative, unique, and high quality cleaners, lubricants, tools, and accessories that are safe for you, your family, and the environment.

The Pedro’s Team
The Pedro's NA team: Matthew Bracken, Jim Hale, and Jay Seiter

The Pedro’s NA team: Matthew Bracken, Jim Hale, and Jay Seiter

Per Dybwad and Lars Hellsten

The Pedro’s Europe Team: Per Dybwad and Lars Hellsten

Pedro’s Operations

Pedro’s tools and accessories are manufactured in Taiwan. We work with a small family-run business which has worked exclusively with Pedro’s since the late 1990s. They provide Pedro’s with incredible manufacturing expertise and contribute significantly to the quality Pedro’s is known for. To ensure all products are purchased at fair rates, we utilize an open pricing policy with our partner giving two-way visibility to all costs and sales pricing. Our partner employs many workers directly at fair wages as determined by local cost of living and quality of life, and also works with local manufacturing facilities to source components for our products working diligently to ensure these businesses treat their employees fairly and safely.

Pedro’s cleaner and lubrication products for sale in North America, South America, Asia, and Australia are produced in the United States. Components for these products are sourced from a variety of U.S. manufacturers and are then filled, packaged, and shipped by a family owned and operated business located in Massachusetts in operation since 1956. Pedro’s is proud to have worked with this partner since 1992 when they used to drive down to Newport to deliver goods to be hand-filled into bottles.

Pedro’s cleaner and lubrication products for sale throughout Europe use components sourced from a variety of U.S. and European manufacturers and are then filled and packaged in the Czech Republic.

Sales and marketing for North and South America, and Australia and New Zealand are based in Massachusetts and Maine, along with global product management and engineering. Sales and marketing for Europe are based in Switzerland. Sales and marketing for Asia are based in Taiwan.