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Tutto Multi-Chain Tool

Tutto Multi-Chain Tool
Tutto Multi-Chain Tool
Tutto Multi-Chain Tool
Tutto Multi-Chain Tool
Load image into Gallery viewer, Tutto Multi-Chain Tool
Load image into Gallery viewer, Tutto Multi-Chain Tool
Load image into Gallery viewer, Tutto Multi-Chain Tool
Load image into Gallery viewer, Tutto Multi-Chain Tool

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Tutto Multi-Chain Tool

Screw Type Chain Tool with Patented Fit Dial and RPG

  • Premium shop quality chain tool.
  • Patented Fit Dial and RPG provide superior functionality and reliability.
  • The only chain tool you need. From single-speed to 12-speed.*

The chain tool is fundamental to bicycle mechanics. As drivetrains push the envelope, however, chain tools must evolve to keep pace. The Pedro's Tutto Multi-Chain tool has done just that. The Tutto blends ergonomic, organic design and noticeable industrial stature with patented innovations like the Fit Dial and RPG and novel additions like the Peening Bit for Campagnolo® 11 and 12-speed chain assembly, ergonomic set-back handle design, and Guide Pin Shear Slot you won't find on any other tool. These unique features make the Tutto the most versatile chain tool available, compatible with almost any chain from single speed to 12-speed.* Lastly, the Tutto was designed with season after season of professional service in mind featuring heat-treated tool steel construction for the ultimate in strength and lasting performance, and simple disassembly to make servicing and part replacement a breeze, if its ever needed. Simply put, the Tutto may be the last chain tool you ever need. Backed by Pedro's lifetime warranty.

*Will not fit SRAM® Flattop chains. See Tool compatibility

Key Features:

Fit Dial: The Fit Dial is used to adapt your Tutto Multi-Chain Tool to almost any modern chain. The Fit Dial wheel has 4 anvil features. Inspecting closely you will find that each anvil feature differs from the other in height or style. Each anvil is marked with a series of dots denoting which setting is in use. A Fit Dial usage guide is laser etched on the Tutto handle for easy reference. Each indexed setting is easily selected by rotating the Fit Dial.

RPG: The RPG, or Retracting Pin Guide, is a multi-purpose feature found only on the Tutto Multi-Chain Tool. First, the spring loaded RPG supports the pin up to the face of the chain eliminating broken pins and ensuring perfect alignment every time. Second, for chains with guide pins like Shimano® or Campagnolo®, the RPG encloses the guide pin to prevent loss, bending or breakage, and ensuring perfect installation. Third, the RPG accepts the 11 and 12-Speed Peening Bit required for installation of Campagnolo® 11 and 12-speed chains.

Peening Bit: The Peening Bit is handily stored in the base of the Tutto handle. This bit is used for Campagnolo® 11 and 12-speed chain installation which requires a peening operation during installation of the chain rivet. The bit is easily removed from the handle and fits onto the end of the RPG allowing installation of Campagnolo® 11 and 12-speed chains.

Guide Pin Shear Slot: For chains that use a guide pin for installation, the Guide Pin Shear Slot provides an integrated tool to remove the guide section from installation pins. After pressing the master pin into the chain, simply insert the guide section into the shear slot and rotate the tool up or down.


Tutto_User Manual PDF

Tool compatibility

Tutto Pins

Tutto RPG

Tutto Rebuild Kit


Can the original Tutto Chain Tool be upgraded to turn it into a Tutto Chain Tool II?

Unfortunately, the original Tutto cannot be upgraded to expand its compatibility at this time. The bridge on the original Tutto body is just a bit too thick to allow use on 13 speed chains or on a few of the thinnest 12 speed chains. Please refer to the tool compatibility page for the latest information.

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