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Item #: 6400025
Price: $16.00

Downhill Tire Lever

Steel Tire Lever with Ergonomic Screwdriver Handle

  • Heat-treated tool steel construction for unmatched strength.
  • 275mm length for incredible leverage on tough downhill and freeride tires.
  • Large shovel tip holds tight on bead while smooth finish protects tire and rim.
  • Ergonomic handle provides comfort and security.


If you are looking for the absolutely strongest, most bad-ass tire lever, perfect for the toughest downhill and freeride tires, you've come to the right place. Pedro's downhill tire lever features heat-treated tool steel construction for unmatched strength and reliability, 275mm (10.8″) length for incredible leverage, a large shovel tip that holds tight on the bead, a smooth curved shape with polished finished to protect tires and rims, and an ergonomic dual density screw driver style handle providing comfort and security. Also great for suspension fork seal removal. Backed by Pedro's lifetime warranty.



Downhill Tire Lever

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