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Starter Bench Tool Kit

Item #: 6450620
Price: $139.99

Starter Bench Tool Kit

Essential Tool Kit for the Home Mechanic

  • 11 professional quality tools packed in a traditional tool box.
  • Tool selection focused on essential repair, adjustment, and replacement tasks.
  • Perfect for the car, traveling to an event, or a home shop setup.


The Starter Bench Tool Kit is designed for the aspiring mechanic looking to get started with the right professional quality tools and room to grow as new skills are learned.

Tool List:

• Folding Hex/Screwdriver Set-2.5,3,4,5,6,+,-
• 8mm Hex Tip
• T25 & T30 L Torx Wrenches
• Tire Lever Pair - Yellow
• Quick Link Pliers
• Six Pack Chain Tool
• Pro Travel Pedal Wrench
• Pro Chain Whip
• Cassette Lockring Socket
• Cable Cutter



Starter Bench Tool Kit

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