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Item #: 6450656 (Black Case)
Price: $1,100.00


Item #: 6450656Y (Yellow Case)
Price: $1,100.00


Master Tool Kit 3.1

Portable Professional Event Tool Kit

  • Revised 3.1 content features 70 tools, adds significant diversity, features our latest lineup additions, and is focused on increased capability.
  • Battle-tested heavy-duty case is watertight and pressure-regulated. IP67 rated, meets the ATA 300 impact test, ASTM D4169 falling rain - vibration - drop tests, the Mil-STD-810F immersion test, and carries a lifetime warranty.
  • Custom tool pallets securely hold and organize tools and feature extra room to add tools and personalize your kit.


New for 2016, the Master Tool Kit 3.1 adds significant diversity, featuring 70 tools, and focusing on increased capability mixing old favorites with an array of our newest tools. With an unmatched battle-tested track record, the MTK 3.0 case and pallet set are back for more punishment in version 3.1. The custom, lockable, water-tight, pressure-regulated case is IP67 rated, meets ATA 300 impact test, ASTM D4169 falling rain - vibration - drop tests, and the Mil-STD-810F immersion test, and laughs at its lifetime warranty. We're confident you aren't going to need it. The tool pallet design and open layout case position tools at your finger tips while leaving space to customize your setup.

• Chain Checker Plus II
• Adjustable Wrench-10″
• Crank Adjusting Cap Driver
• The Hammer
• Utility Knife
• Diagonal Cutters
• Needle Nose Pliers
• Pro Spoke Wrench - 3.23
• Pro Spoke Wrench - 3.30
• Pro Spoke Wrench - 3.45
• Quick Link Pliers
• Pro Chain Tool (New)
• Toothbrush
• Y wrenches-2, 2.5, 3mm; 4, 5, 6mm; T10, T25, T30
• 3-Piece Screwdriver Set, #1 Ph, #2Ph, 5.5mm Flat
• 9, 10, 11, 12, 13, 14mm Ratcheting Wrenches
• Disc Wrench-7mm & 8mm Flare Wrench and Rotor Truing
• Trixie- 8, 9, 10, 15mm Box, Bottle, Cog Lockring
• 8-piece Pro T/L Hex Set
• 9-piece L Hex Set
• L Torx Set - 7 piece
• Equalizer Pedal Wrench II
• Vise Whip
• Splined Bottom Bracket Socket
• Cassette Lockring Socket
• Campagnolo® BB and Cassette Socket
• Bottom Bracket Wrench
• Cable Cutter
• 13-19mm Cone Wrenches (1 each)
• 6mm and 8mm Hex Driver II
• Universal Crank Puller
• 2 Tire Levers
• Tape Measure



Master Tool Kit 3.1

The differences between the MTK 3.0 and MTK 3.1 are as follows: Items Added: • Disc Wrench (7mm and 8mm flare spanner plus rotor truing slot) • Chain Checker Plus (chain checker, chain hook tool, and chainring nut wrench) • Adjustable Wrench-10″ • Crank Adjusting Cap Driver • The Hammer • Utility Knife • Diagonal Cutters • Needle Nose Pliers • Pro Spoke Wrenches – 3.23, 3.30, 3.45 sizes • Quick Link Pliers • Pro Chain Tool (New) • Trixie (15mm box wrench, 8,9,10mm stepped box wrench, cog lockring spanner, bottle opener) • L Torx Set – 7 piece • Toothbrush Items Removed: • 1/ea of the 13-16mm cone wrenches. 3.1 still includes 1/ea of 13-19mm sizes. • 5mm and 10mm Hex Drivers • 8mm and 15mm Ratchet Combo Wrenches (replaced by Disc Wrench and Trixie) • External BB Socket • BB Socket Holder • 4mm and 6mm Flat Blade Screwdrivers • Bottle Wrench • Pro Socket Handle (Function replaced by Adjustable Wrench and 24mm Socket Driver on Equalizer Pedal Wrench.) • Pro Chain Tool 2.0 (replaced with new Pro Chain Tool)

The Master Tool Kit includes 70 tools and a bombproof case and custom set of pallets making it perfect for travel and events. The Master Bench Tool Kit includes 121 tools, but does not include a case, and is better suited for setting up a home or shop. Check out our Pedro’s Tool Kit Comparison Chart for details.

The outer dimensions for the Master Tool Case are L19.8” x W16.0” x H7.6”.  The portion of the bottom half of the case not populated by pallets, provides approximately L17″ x W12″ x H4″ of empty foam-lined space.  The weight is 13lbs-2oz.

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