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Item #: 6460210
Price: $13.00

BB Socket Holder

Holder Tool for Splined BB Socket
(Discontinued. Replaced by BB Socket Holder II)

  • Holds socket tool to BB axle to eliminate slippage during removal and installation.
  • Works with square taper and splined axles with M8 or M15 internal spindle thread.
  • Made from heat-treated tool steel for the ultimate in strength and lasting performance.
  • Use with Pedro's Splined Bottom Bracket Socket. Compatible with Pedro's Pro Socket Handle.


If you have even battled with an over-tightened Shimano® and ISIS Drive® splined bottom bracket cup, you know why Pedro's created the BB Socket Holder. Though these types of bottom brackets proved themselves as the standard for many years and continue to be found on many bikes, the tendency for these shallow splines to slip during removal or installation has resulted in more than a few expletives, high frustration levels, and worst of all, injuries. The Pedro's BB Socket Holder provides a simple, shop quality tool that solves this problem. Backed by Pedro's lifetime warranty.



BB Socket Holder

The Pedro’s BB Socket Holder is designed to work with the follow bottom bracket spindles: -Bottom brackets which have an M8 internal spindle thread.  Most square taper bottom brackets have this size internal thread. -Bottom brackets which have an M15 internal thread.  This includes the more common ISIS Standard bottom brackets with M15 spindle thread and any other spindle with M15 internal thread. The new BB Socket Holder II, introduced Spring 2018, will fit the above bottom bracket spindles and adds the following: -Bottom brackets which have an M12 internal thread.  This includes less common ISIS Standard bottom brackets with M12 spindle thread and any other spindle with M12 internal thread. If you are unsure if the tool will fit your bottom bracket, please contact us with information about your bottom bracket and/or crankset.

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