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Quick Link Pliers

Chain Master Link Pliers For Installation and Removal of 6-12 Speed Master Links.

  • Laser cut, heat-treated, dual-side jaws both install and remove 6-12 speed master links. Visit pedros.com/chainfit for compatibility info.
  • Cushioned grips provide comfort and control.


These quick link pliers make fast work of pesky or stubborn chain master links. The laser cut, heat-treated jaws feature a dual-function design allowing both installation and removal of master links. Cushioned grips provide comfort and control. Compatible with most 6-12 speed derailleur chain master links including SRAM® Eagle 12 speed. Visit pedros.com/chainfit for the latest compatibility information.



Quick Link Pliers

The Quick Link Pliers are compatible with most 5-11 speed derailleur chains with master links that use two plates like shown below.  They will also work on SRAM® Eagle 12 speed chains with Eagle™ PowerLock® chain connector.  Some single-speed chains use a different style of quick master link which cannot be removed using the Quick Link Pliers. Compatible type of quick link: SRAM PowerLock® Chain Connector 11-speed Incompatible type of quick link: Inline image 1

Please visit pedros.com/chainfit for the latest chain compatibility information including SRAM AXS 12 Speed Chains.

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