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Item #: 6450700
Price: $300.00


Folding Repair Stand

Portable Tripod Stand with Trigger-style Clamp

  • Durable and stable three-point base.
  • 360-degree rotating clamp accepts tubes up to 65mm
  • Trigger-style clamp for quick and secure one-handed clamping.
  • Height adjustable from 42″ to 73″.
  • Includes heavy duty carrying bag.


Whether you are washing your bike after a muddy ride or installing shiny new parts, having a repair stand will make your experience easier, safer, and more enjoyable. Pedro's Folding Repair Stand provides an excellent solution in a lightweight, versatile, strong, and easy to use package. When you are done for the day, the included bag makes transport and storage simple and easy.



Folding Repair Stand

A clean bike is a happy bike! Keeping your bike clean is an essential part of bicycle maintenance ensuring better performance, increased safety, easier repairs, increased life of all parts of the bike, and more fun on your next ride! Check out our Bike Wash Guide: Complete Cleaning and Bike Wash Guide: Quick Wash & Lube to learn the proper techniques and make your bike look and run like new.

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