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Grease Injector

Grease Injector
Grease Injector
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Grease Injector

Compact Pistol-Grip Grease Gun

This item has been discontinued and replaced by Grease Injector

  • Ergonomic, one-handed operation.
  • Precise, mess-free grease application.
  • Fits standard 9/16” grease tubes.

Grease is essential to keeping your bike running properly, guarding important and often expensive components from the elements, friction, and damage. Keep you hands clean and grease-free by using the Pedro's grease injector! Designed to fit Pedro’s grease tubes and all standard 9/16” grease tubes. Ergonomic shape ensures easy, one-handed operation and precise, mess-free grease application.

Important: This item does not thread directly onto the Pedro's Grease 3oz Tube. An adapter, linked below, is required. The new Grease Injector includes this adapter.


Adapter for Grease Injector
  1. Before attaching the grease tube to the injector, make sure grease is present at the tip of the tube or even starting to come out of the tube.

  2. Screw the grease injector onto the grease tube. Do not overtighten.

  3. Next, squeeze the grease tube from the bottom (like a toothpaste tube) to push grease from the tube into the injector to replace all air in the injector with grease. As you are pushing grease from the tube into the injector, squeeze the trigger of the injector to determine if the grease has moved into the injector. The injector will become harder to squeeze once it is moving grease.

  4. Once grease is in the injector, squeeze the trigger slowly until grease starts coming out of the trigger tip. Pause between each squeeze of the trigger to allow the grease to move. Since grease is very thick, it takes time to move after air pressure is applied. If you squeeze the trigger many times in a row very quickly, it builds up pressure and leads to an uncontrolled stream of grease (makes a mess) and may create air pockets which will disrupt the flow of grease requiring you to start back at step 2.

  5. Once grease has fully filled the space within the injector, you should have consistent performance. After extended use, some air pockets may occur as the tube empties. If this happens repeat these steps again to refill the injector and remove air pockets.

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