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Bike Lust

The Original Silicone Bike Polish and Cleaner

  • Makes your bike shine like new and keeps it that way.
  • Biodegradable formula cleans, polishes, and protects in one step.
  • Also great for dropper posts, suspension, and for seating tire beads.


The original bike polish, Bike Lust's proprietary silicone-based formula includes a biodegradable cleaning agent. Bike lust goes on wet, quickly cleaning light dirt and grime as it polishes, and then dries to a beautiful protective coating. Works on any surface or material in one simple step making your bike look like new and future cleaning easier! Also great for dropper posts, suspension, and for seating tire beads.


Usage Instructions

  1. Shake well before use.
  2. Spray onto a clean rag, or directly onto frame and component surfaces.
  3. Wipe to clean and polish in one easy step
Bike Lust is safe on all materials and finishes. Avoid braking surfaces like pads, rims, and discs.



Bike Lust

Chainj is pronounced just like change. Saying Chainj as Chain-Jay is incorrect, but we’ll still like you even if you call it that!

A clean bike is a happy bike! Keeping your bike clean is an essential part of bicycle maintenance ensuring better performance, increased safety, easier repairs, increased life of all parts of the bike, and more fun on your next ride! Check out our Bike Wash Guide: Complete Cleaning and Bike Wash Guide: Quick Wash & Lube to learn the proper techniques and make your bike look and run like new.

Bike Lust can be used on all types of materials and finishes including carbon fiber and matte finishes. It’s also fantastic on tires to help shed mud and dirt as you ride. As always, be careful when using Bike Lust around braking surfaces but other than that you should be all set!

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