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Chain Keeper

Wheel Placeholder for Cleaning and Travel

  • Takes place of rear wheel providing tension on chain to protect chain and frame when rear wheel is removed.
  • Allows full forward or backward rotation of drivetrain making it perfect for cleaning, storage, or transport.


A great way to make cleaning easier is to remove your wheels. While this may seem excessive, removing the wheels from your bike opens up many tight areas that are tough to clean, allowing easier access and better visibility of these surfaces. The Pedro's Chain Keeper was designed with this wheels-off technique in mind and makes sure your chain stays off your frame preventing damage and keeping your drivetrain free to turn as is commonly needed during cleaning. Try it out! The Chain Keeper inserts into the right rear dropout when the wheel is removed for cleaning, storing, or transporting your bike. The quick-release lever allows for fast and easy installation and removal.


Usage Instructions

Chain Keeper Instructions:

  1. Shift the rear derailleur to the highest gear, as you would with most wheel removals, and remove rear wheel from bike.
  2. Position Chain Keeper beneath the upper chain as you would when installing a wheel. Be sure that the quick release lever is facing the drive side of the bike.
  3. In the same way a wheel is installed, push the chain upward with the Chain Keeper. This may require the rear derailleur to be pivoted rearward using your other hand.
  4. Continue pushing Chain Keeper upward until axle is positioned in the dropout. Tighten the nut of Chain Keeper and close quick release lever to secure Chain Keeper in place.

The Chain Keeper was not specifically designed to work with 12mm through axle dropout. However, we have found that the Chain Keeper will work with through axle dropouts if installed backwards (QR lever inside the frame). Installation requires that the skewer be partially dissembled so the axle can be passed through the dropoutI. It may be easier to pull the chain onto the Chain Keeper after it is installed (instead of during installation).



Chain Keeper

A clean bike is a happy bike! Keeping your bike clean is an essential part of bicycle maintenance ensuring better performance, increased safety, easier repairs, increased life of all parts of the bike, and more fun on your next ride! Check out our Bike Wash Guide: Complete Cleaning and Bike Wash Guide: Quick Wash & Lube to learn the proper techniques and make your bike look and run like new.

The original Chain Keeper was not designed to work with 12mm thru axle bikes. Our Pro Chain Keeper and Travel Keeper are both compatible with 12mm thru axle bikes.


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