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Light Wet Lube

  • Dissolves and isolates dirt for lasting performance in mixed conditions.
  • Superior durability, wear protection and lubrication.
  • New formula lasts runs cleaner and lasts longer.
  • Biodegradable, non-toxic, vegetable/synthetic formula.

Designed for mixed to wet conditions, Chainj is an advanced biodegradable vegetable/synthetic oil blend engineered to provide superior efficiency, wear protection, and durability. The vegetable oil is not only sustainable but also associates ionically with metal surfaces creating a resilient protective barrier for added life and increased anti-wear properties. Additionally, Chainj features detergent properties which actively dissolve and isolate dirt as you ride. Great for lubrication of parts too!

  1. Shake bottle well before applying.
  2. Apply to rollers of chain while backpedaling. If applying to a dirty chain, wipe well immediately after first application, and then apply a second time.
  3. Cycle chain for 15-20 seconds to distribute lube.
  4. For maximum cleanliness, wipe excess lube from outside surfaces of chain.
  5. For best performance, wait at least 1 hour before riding.

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