Enjoying the Ride Since 1989
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  • Bike Mechanic, Shawn Brunner

    “The products and tools that Pedro's puts in my hands not only make my job possible but they also make it easier...My tools are the key instruments of my craft.” | READ MORE...

    Shawn Brunner
    Owner & Mechanic | Fresh Bike Service in Roswell, GA
    Enjoying the ride with Pedro's since 1998

    Photo by: Sharif Hassan
  • Luna Chix Mechanic, Chris Mathis

    “Things I can't live without? Pedro's Bike Lust and my Master Tool Kit 3.0. Yes, there are many other tool suppliers and bike care manufacturers, but none who do BOTH as well as Pedro's.” | READ MORE...

    Chris Mathis
    Mechanic | Team Luna, San Luis Obispo, CA
    Enjoying the ride with Pedro's since 2002

    Photo by: Rich Adams
  • WinAllen_BW1

    “I have seen a lot of products come and go, mostly because they don't listen to the people using the items on a daily basis. That is where Pedro's is different. They themselves have been in the trenches with us, and they understand what we need.” | READ MORE...
    Win Allen
    Owner | Wins Wheels in Westlake Village, CA
    North American Head Mechanic for Cannondale Pro Cycling Team
    Enjoying the ride with Pedro's since 1998
  • MTB Ayiti

    “The most important reason I love Pedro’s is the company ethos. Much like our work at Plus 3 Network and in Haiti with MTB Ayiti, Pedro’s actions speak louder than words regarding community building.” | READ MORE...
    Rick Sutton
    CEO, Plus 3 Network, Redwood City, CA
    Volunteer Magician & Race Director, MTB Ayiti
    Enjoying the ride with Pedro's since 2004
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