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General FAQs

Pedro is a kinetic sculptor named Pedro S. De Movellan. He was good friends with Andrew Herrick and Bruce Fina, who founded Pedro’s in 1989 and Pedro helped create the original Pedro’s logo. Today, Pedro’s NA is run by a small crew out of Massachusetts and Maine, none of whom are named Pedro. You can learn more about Pedro’s history and operation in About Us.

Yes, our 2015 Product Catalog can be downloaded below.  Limited print copies are also available.  Please contact us and include your mailing address if you’d prefer to receive a printed catalog.


The best place to find Pedro’s products is at your local bike shop (LBS). Visit our dealer locator page to find Pedro’s dealers near you. In 2013 Pedro’s launched its new website which allows purchasing direct from each product page. What is really cool, though, is that when you place an order on pedros.com, the order is fulfilled by the nearest stocking LBS and either shipped to your door, or available for pickup in store.

Are you a U.S. dealer interested in partnering online? Here’s How!

We manufacture products in the United States, Taiwan, and the Czech Republic.  Head over to our About Us page to learn more.

Pedro’s has proudly supported riders and teams at the professional and grassroots level for many years. If you’d like to work with the Pedro’s brand, send us an email at sponsorship@pedros.com with information about you or your team or organization and how you are able to help us promote the Pedro’s brand.
If you are involved with a high school or college cycling team, you are a shoe-in for Pedro’s sponsorship! All we ask is that the team uses Pedro’s tools, cleaners, and lubes exclusively, uses our products to help others whenever possible, provides a basic roster with names and emails, and sends lots of sweet photos using Pedro’s gear!
Event sponsorship requests should contact eventsupport@pedros.com with full event information and any specific requests.

Pedro’s offers qualifying industry employees the opportunity to purchase product for personal use. Please contact us to learn more!

To help out the team here at Pedro’s, the best way to get stickers is to send a Self Addressed Stamped Envelope to Pedro’s NA, ATTN STICKERS, P.O. Box 320635, Boston, MA 02132. If you can’t figure out how that works, shoot us an email and we’ll probably still send you stickers anyway!

We’ve added a Super Fan Swag product category just for you! Check back often for the latest and greatest Pedro’s Swag!

Dear Customers,
Due to unprecedented order volume through pedros.com and at dealers and distributors nationwide, there may be delays in processing orders, and shipping times may be longer than usual. We use a platform whereby orders placed on pedros.com are first offered to our network of retailers. When a retailer claims an order, the order becomes theirs and they fulfill and ship your order. If not claimed by a retailer, Pedro's will fill your order directly as quickly as possible. We ask for your patience with Pedro's and our retailers during these challenging times.

You can check order status at any time by logging into your account, or entering order number and zip code (no login needed), at: shopatron.com/account/log_in. If you have further questions about your order, please visit kibo.force.com/consumersupport/s/?language=en_US.

We feel incredibly lucky to have such amazing customers during these difficult times. We appreciate your patience and continued support!
Thank you,
Jim, Matt, and Jay
Pedro's NA Team