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Head Rebuild Kit for Prestige or Domestique

Item #: 6450505R
Price: $3.25

Head Rebuild Kit For Domestique/Prestige

  • Head rebuild kit for current Domestique and Prestige floor pumps.


Includes two caps and two gaskets.



Super Prestige

We have spare hoses and heads for our current pump versions which were introduced in 2010. For old versions of Pedro’s pumps, we no longer carry spare parts. However, the new spare hoses and heads can be retrofitted onto older pumps.   The retrofit involves removing a fitting from the base end of you old hose and installing it into the new hose.  See image below of fitting from older Domestique and Prestige pumps.  Please contact us if you are unsure of which version of pump you have. Fitting and retention cap from older Domestique and Prestige pumps:

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