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Pro Spoke Wrench_3.3

Item #: 6460412
Price: $18.00

Pro Spoke Wrench - 3.30

Premium Spoke Wrench with 3-Side and 4 Side Openings and Reversible Handle

  • Investment cast, heat-treated tool steel wrench features 3-side and 4-side openings.
  • Durable plastic handle reverses to provide ideal ergonomics with both openings.
  • Precision-cut wrench openings are perfectly sized for fit and speed .


The Pro Spoke Wrench takes ergonomics and versatility to the next level. The dual-sided design, with both 3-side and 4-side openings, features a reversible handle. When using either wrench opening, the curved and sculpted plastic handle fits perfectly in your fingers and positions them on either side of the spoke for ideal leverage and control. The wrench is investment cast, heat-treated steel ready for years of service and the precision-cut openings are perfectly sized for fit and speed.

The Pro Spoke Wrench is available in 3.23mm (.127″), 3.30 (.130″), and 3.45mm (.136″) sizes.



Pro Spoke Wrench 3.30

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