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Home Mechanic Floor Pump

  • High-quality steel and plastic construction designed with value in mind
  • Features dual presta/schrader head with thumb-lock lever, integrated pressure gauge and heavy duty composite base
  • High air volume stroke quickly inflates up to 120PSI (8 Bar) maximum pressure


A floor pump is one of the best investments a rider can make to keep their bike ready for action. Experts agree that tire pressure affects ride quality more than any fancy frame material, the latest suspension, or high-tech wheels. In addition to ride quality, tire pressure affects traction for cornering and stopping, rolling efficiency, power transfer, flat prevention, and overall safety. A floor pump will make inflating your tires easier, faster, and more accurate when compared to a small hand pump, compressor, or other inflating device. Choosing the right model depends on how often you plan to use the pump, what inflation pressures you bike's tires require, the type of valve your tubes have and what features the pump has to make inflation easier and quicker. Pedro's Domestique was designed with value in mind. Despite being our lowest floor pump option, the Domestique includes features found on higher priced offerings. These features include high quality steel and plastic construction for durability, a dual head design with thumb-lock lever for easily switching between presta/schrader tube valve types, an integrated pressure gauge, comfortable ergonomic plastic composite handle, and heavy duty composite base for stability. The Domestique is designed with a high air volume stroke to quickly inflate tires up to 120PSI (8 Bar) maximum pressure. Backed by a Pedro's two year warranty.




Before using your pump, identify the valve type.  The typical valve types are:

Presta Valve: This valve is found on many road bikes and high end bikes. It has a much narrower diameter and is generally taller than a Schrader Valve. A Presta Valve requires a small nut to be loosened. Described further below.

Schrader Valve: This is the same type found on most car tires. It is generally shorter and has a larger diameter than a Presta Valve.


Using the Pump:

1. Remove any plastic caps from the valve. For Presta Valve, make sure to unscrew the small nut at the top of the valve as shown.


2. Check the pump head and make sure the lever is centered between the two sides of the head as shown.

3. Attach head to valve:

a. For Schrader, use the black side of the head.
b. Push the head of the pump onto the valve using moderate force. If there is air in the tube the head may start releasing some air.
c. While pushing the head onto the valve, move the locking lever on the head away from the valve. The small white arrow should point at the valve.

Schrader Use

a. For Presta, use the grayside of the head. Double check that the small nut has been unscrewed and the pin can be depressed. If there is air in the tube, pressing the pin down will release air. The pin will also be pushed back up when you remove your finger.
b. Push the head of the pump onto the valve using moderate force until you reach a point where it cannot be pushed any further. If there is air in the tube the head may start releasing some air.
c. Move the locking lever on the head away from the valve. The small white arrow should point at the valve.

Presta Use

4. Pump to desired pressure.

5. To remove head from the valve, return lever to center position and carefully pull head straight off the valve.

6. For Presta Valve, after removing pump head, make sure to close the valve by turning the nut clockwise until snug.

7. Replace any plastic caps that were removed.


We have spare hoses and heads for our current pump versions which were introduced in 2010. For old versions of Pedro’s pumps, we no longer carry spare parts. However, the new spare hoses and heads can be retrofitted onto older pumps.   The retrofit involves removing a fitting from the base end of you old hose and installing it into the new hose.  See image below of fitting from older Domestique and Prestige pumps.  Please contact us if you are unsure of which version of pump you have.

Fitting and retention cap from older Domestique and Prestige pumps:

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