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13mm Cone Wrench
Item #: 6461013
Price: $13.00

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14mm Cone Wrench
Item #: 6461014
Price: $13.00

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15mm Cone Wrench
Item #: 6461015
Price: $13.00

Discontinued: Go to Item 6462015

16mm Cone Wrench
Item #: 6461016
Price: $13.00

Discontinued: Go to Item 6462016

17mm Cone Wrench
Item #: 6461017
Price: $13.00

Discontinued: Go to Item 6462017

18mm Cone Wrench
Item #: 6461018
Price: $13.00

Discontinued: Go to Item 6462018

19mm Cone Wrench
Item #: 6461019
Price: $13.00

Discontinued: Go to Item 6462019

20mm Cone Wrench
Item #: 6461020
Price: $13.00

Discontinued: Go to Item 6462020

Cone Wrench

Shop Quality Cone Wrench

  • Designed to stand up to the harsh conditions of professional use
  • Superior material and heat treatment outlast the competition
  • Precision laser cut design with ergonomic cushioned grip


The cone wrench is an essential tool in bicycle mechanics simply being the only tool available for adjusting many hubs on the market. Pedro's cone wrenches provide professional quality, precision fit wrenches required to properly install, remove, and adjust hubs. Pedro's cone wrenches are made from 2mm thick, precision laser cut, heat-treated tool steel for the ultimate in strength and long-lasting performance and are commonly revered for outlasting many other "shop" quality cones wrenches. Pedro's designed each cone wrench to fit perfectly protecting the hub and ensuring simple and safe usage for the mechanic. Each ergonomically designed flat wrench also features a single-ended design with cushioned grip to provide maximum leverage & comfort. Pedro's cone wrenches are available in 13, 14, 15, 16, 17, 18, 19, and 20mm sizes. Backed by Pedro's lifetime warranty.



Cone Wrench

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