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Item #: 6450676
Price: $1,400.00

Master Bench Tool Kit

121-Piece Shop Tool Set


The new Master Bench Tool Kit is an extensive tool set with 121 professional quality tools packaged simply to ensure the best possible value. Inside you will find nearly every available Pedro’s tool ready for any installations, overhauls, and repairs that come your way. The perfect kit to set up a professional bench.

• Tape Measure
• Magnetic Parts Tray
• Universal Crank Remover w/ Handle
• Crank Remover - Square Taper Axles
• Crank Remover - Splined Axles
• Cable Cutter
• Cable Puller
• L Hex Wrench Set - 9 piece
• L Torx Set - 7 piece
• Pro T/L Handle Hex Set - 9 piece
• Pro Torx T/L Set - 7 piece
• Y Wrench - 2,2.5,3
• Y Wrench - 4,5,6
• Y Wrench - 4,5,6 w/ball
• Y Wrench-T10,T25,T30
• Equalizer Pedal Wrench
• 6mm Hex Driver
• 8mm Hex Driver
• 10mm Hex Driver
• Adjustable Wrench-10″
• Disc Wrench-7mm & 8mm Flare Wrench and Rotor Truing
• Trixie- 8, 9, 10, 15mm Box, Bottle, Cog Lockring
• Ratcheting Combo Wrench Set
• Pro Socket Handle 2.0
• BB Socket Holder II
• Splined Bottom Bracket Socket
• Campy BB & Cassette Socket
• Vise Whip
• Cassette Lockring Socket
• Cassette Lockring Socket w/ Pin
• Freewheel Socket
• External Bottom Bracket Socket
• Bottom Bracket Wrench, Shimano® 16x44
• Bottom Bracket Wrench, Campagnolo® 6-Notch
• Bottom Bracket Wrench, Shimano® 6-Notch
• Bottom Bracket Wrench, Shimano® 8-Notch
• Bottom Bracket Wrench, Shimano® 16x41
• Bottom Bracket Wrench, Shimano® 16x39
• Crank Adjusting Cap Driver
• Chain Checker Plus II
• Pro Chain Tool
• Quick Link Pliers
• Pro Spoke Wrench Set - 3.23, 3.30, 3.45
• Tire Lever Pair – Yellow
• Downhill Tire Lever
• 13mm-16mm Cone Wrench (2 each)
• 17mm-20mm Cone Wrench (1 each)
• Screwdriver Set-5 Pc w/ Pouch
• Screwdriver Set-2 Pc
• Hex Bit Set
• Demi Torque Wrench
• 32mm, 36mm, 40mm Headset Wrench (2 each)
• Star Nut Setter - 1″ & 1 1/8″
• Chain Pig II - Hands-Free Chain Cleaner
• Pro Brush Kit
• Chain Keeper
• Utility Knife
• Needle Nose Pliers
• Diagonal Cutter Pliers
• The Hammer
• Beverage Wrench



Master Bench Tool Kit

The Master Tool Kit includes 70 tools and a bombproof case and custom set of pallets making it perfect for travel and events. The Master Bench Tool Kit includes 121 tools, but does not include a case, and is better suited for setting up a home or shop. Check out our Pedro’s Tool Kit Comparison Chart for details.

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