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Item #: 6450925
Price: $132.00

Bottom Bracket Bushing Set

Bushing Set for Use with Headset & Bearing Press for Precise Installation of Bottom Brackets

  • Includes ten precision-machined bushings in 6 sizes covering installation of all road, mountain, and bmx press-fit bottom brackets cups and bearings, plus a BB Bushing Spacer for enhanced flexibility, speed, and alignment.
  • Bushings and spacer designed for use with Pedro's Headset & Bearing Press ensuring precise and accurate installation. Inner diameter of 18.4mm (14mm for 19-37 and 19-41).
  • EVA foam packaging insert keeps the bushings protected, organized, and ready for use.


The perfect companion to your Pedro's Headset & Bearing Press, this set of bottom bracket bushings will ensure precise installation of press fit bottom brackets.



BB Bushing

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