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Pro TL II Trox 30mm

Item #: 6459731
Price: $12.99

Pro TL II Torx - T30 Wrench

Torx Wrench With Ergonomic TPR Handle

  • Redesigned TPR handle feature improved ergonomics with slimmer profiles, improved tip clearance, full long-leg coverage, easy-to-read size marking, and color band for quick wrench identification.
  • Made from heat-treated S2 tool steel ensure high strength and lasting performance.


Pedro's Pro T/L wrenches have become a favorite of mechanics around the world. The updated wrenches feature a new handle shape with slimmer profiles and full long-leg coverage for enhanced comfort and control, improved tip clearances, easy-to-read size markings, and color bands for quick identification. Each wrench is crafted from premium S2 tool steel to ensure the strength and lasting performance. Extra length on each leg of the wrench offers better leverage and easy access to hard-to-reach bolts.



Pro TL II Torx T30 Wrench

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