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Item #: 6300041 | Enduro-4oz
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Item #: 6300321 | Enduro-32oz
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Premium Wet Lube

  • Extreme lasting performance with less mess in mixed to wet conditions.
  • Elevates efficiency, runs quiet, runs clean, reduces wear, and fully waterproof.
  • Safe plant-based ingredients.


Formulated with Pedro's exclusive CleanTech Chemistry™, Enduro blends advanced wet and dry lube technology for incredible wet lube performance in mixed to wet conditions, without the mess. Noticeably elevates efficiency, runs quiet, reduces wear, long-lasting, and fully water-proof.


Usage Instructions

How To Get The Best Results From CleanTech Lubes:

  1. Apply to clean chain 10 minutes before riding.* Store and apply lube between 50 &100º F.**
  2. Shake bottle well before applying.
  3. Apply liberally to rollers of chain while backpedaling. If applying to a dirty chain, wipe well immediately after first application, and then apply a second time.
  4. Cycle chain for 15-20 seconds to distribute lube, then wait 5-10 minutes. CleanTech lubes use an alcohol carrier which delivers the lubricant package and then quickly evaporates.
  5. For maximum cleanliness, wipe any remaining excess lube.
* May be applied to dirty chain but offer max performance and cleanliness when first applied to a clean chain. We suggest the Chain Pig chain cleaner used with Pig Juice or Degreaser 13. CleanTech lubes may be reapplied as needed for many rides before additional cleaning is required.
** Ingredients in CleanTech lubes may solidify below 50º F. To correct this, place bottle in warm room or sunny window. The lubes can be ridden well below 50º and will perform as intended if lube itself is above 50º when applied.




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