Enjoying the Ride Since 1989

Enjoying the Ride with Pedro’s

Shawn Brunner

Shawn Brunner | Photo by: Sharif Hassan

Fresh Bike Service, Roswell, GA
Enjoying the ride with Pedro’s since 1998

“Pedro’s is one of the Top Companies in the bicycle industry, hands down. Their history, tools, product innovation, the R&D, and the environmental commitment are top notch. I am proud to support a company that does it right top to bottom. As a professional mechanic and loyal user of Pedro’s tools and products for more than 14 years, I can speak from real life experiences – in shops, at factories, at races, and events – the products and tools that Pedro’s puts in my hands not only make my job possible, but they also make it easier. I have a full quill of specialty tools that I can pull from for any job, at any time, at any location, to fix any bike. My Pedro’s tool kit has been by my side since filming the bicycle maintenance DVD, Wrenched. They were also with me when writing owners manuals and assembling Yeti’s in the factory in Golden, CO. My tools are the key instruments of my craft – Fresh Bike Service was founded in 2008 and we started by taking mobile bike service to our clients – going to their homes, offices, races, and charity events. Events like the the Chain Buster and Dirty Spokes Endurance Race Series, or when fixing donation bikes for the local charity groups like the Drake House – the reliability, versatility, and specialization that my tools afford me are unrivaled in any setting. All these in the field/under the gun experiences inspire confidence, because I know that I can fix any bike or tackle any problem as long as I have the tools I need. Fresh Bike Service is now more than year in half into planting it roots as a bike shop here in Roswell. We will always be a staunch supporter, fan, and distributor of Pedro’s products. Bottom line is that at Fresh we want and we expect the best.”

Chris Mathis

Chris Mathis | Photo by: Rich Adams

Luna Team Mechanic, San Luis Obispo, CA
Enjoying the ride with Pedro’s since 2002

“I am honored and proud to be working the past 11 seasons for Team Luna and that Pedro’s is our exclusive tool and bike care supplier. Being a team mechanic today is a lot different than years ago when between races I could afford the time to care for the team’s equipment and my personal needs without feeling rushed. These days my life depends on solid planning and organization to make our sponsors proud and to allow our athletes to have the best chance at winning as our yearly schedule is like a full court press all the time. It is no wonder why both Luna and Pedro’s core values line up perfectly. It is incredible knowing how like minded these two organizations are. Things I can’t live without? Pedro’s Bike Lust and my Master Tool Kit 3.0. Without these and all the other great things from Pedro’s, it would be difficult knowing I didn’t have the best to support my athletes. Yes, there are many other tool suppliers and bike care manufacturers, but none who do BOTH as well as Pedro’s. I am looking forward to seeing all the new developments and products from them in the future, and knowing that our team and our time spent using their products has helped influenced them for what’s next is pretty cool too.”

Scott Thigpen

Scott Thigpen

Ultra-endurance Mountain Biker and Driven2Divide Blogger, Birmingham, AL
Enjoying the ride with Pedro’s since 2012

“Whoever said… ‘you know what’s a good idea, a skewer multi tool’… is a genius! Pedro’s Tülio is one of my all-time favorite things on my bike. It is a multi tool that also acts as a skewer. I’m all about things that have multi purposes so I don’t have to carry anything extra that I need. I’ve used mine since the TNGA, (a 350 miler across the North Georgia Mountains), and it has never loosened or come apart. It’s an allen wrench, a chain break, a screw driver and a skewer all wrapped into one. I’ve ditched all my multi tools and just use the Tülio now! Weight-conscious riders and ultra endurance athletes should all know about this, hence why I say so much about it. Thank you, Pedro’s, for making such an awesome product!”

Win Allen

Win Allen

Wins Wheels, Westlake Village, CA | Head Mechanic Cannondale Pro Cycling Team
Enjoying the ride with Pedro’s since 1998

“I’ve been a shop / team mechanic for the past 28 years, I have seen a lot of products come and go, mostly because they don’t listen to the people using the items on a daily basis. That is where Pedro’s is different. They themselves have been in the trenches with us (shop and team mechanics), and they understand what we need. First, as a bicycle shop owner, I’m looking for a quality tool at a reasonable price. I only sell products in my shop that I can speak to my clients about with first hand experience. My personal reputation as well as my shops reputation are very important to me. With that being said, I don’t sell my clients anything that I don’t believe in 100%. It is important to me that my mechanics have the lastest and highest quality tools available to them to perform their daily tasks. As far as the Pedro’s line of bike care products you won’t find a more Eco-Friendly product designed for bicycle application in the market place. From powerful degreasers to protective frame polish to lubes for all conditions.

With my role as Head Team Mechanic (North America) for Cannondale Pro Cycling Team, it is of the utmost importance that I have complete confidence in my tools. When you’re responsible for some of the best cyclists’ bicycles in the world you can’t second guess the quality of your tools. If you ever see me at a race I always will be using my Pedro’s tools to keep my Pro Tour riders rigs rolling in tip top shape. I also like to think of Pedro’s line of bike care products as tools. When you use the Pro Brush Kit with Pro J or Oranj Peelz and Green Fizz your post race bike cleaning just got a lot easier and faster. Finally, when it comes to lubing the brake and derailleur pivots, as well as the chain, I will use one of the four lubes from Pedro’s, Ice Wax 2.0, Go!,Chainj, or Syn Lube depending on the conditions.”

Rick Sutton | Photo by Steve Z Photography

Rick Sutton | Photo by Steve Z Photography

CEO, Plus 3 Network, Redwood City, CA
Volunteer Magician & Race Director, MTB Ayiti
Enjoying the ride with Pedro’s since 2004

“I ride my bike a lot and I have lots of bikes. Bikes are cool, but if you’re reading this you already know that. If you want to know why Pedro’s products work so well, the molecular construct of one chain lube vs. another, I am not your guy. What I do know is this, I have a twelve year old Pedro’s work stand that still works; I’ve never broken or rounded a Pedro’s tool; and their cleaning products actually do a great job of cleaning while hugging trees and not damaging the environment. Enough on product, let’s face it, as neither a pro rider or pro mechanic, it’s doubtful people will buy this stuff because I say it works.

The most important reason I love Pedro’s is the company ethos. Much like our work at Plus 3 Network and in Haiti with MTB Ayiti, Pedro’s actions speak louder than words regarding community building. Regular folks call it giving back. Corporate types call it triple bottom line benefits. I call it living life with balanced emotional and financial rewards. Pedro’s community outreach is sometimes visible, other times not. While a marketing value is derived from socially responsible business practices, Pedro’s is not white washing or green washing. Case in point, they donated over $5000 of product to MTB Ayiti in Haiti in support of bicycle ecosystem building and adventure tourism. Pedro’s has zero sales, zero distribution in Haiti…no short or long-term financial upside will be realized.

Pedro’s community work comes from the right place – their hearts.
Long live Pedro’s.
RS out…”

Jim Potter

Jim Potter

Meccanico di Bici, Vecchio’s Bicicletteria, Boulder, CO
Enjoying the ride with Pedro’s since 2000

“Pedro’s tools have played an important part of daily life at Vecchio’s since we opened twelve years ago. We have tools on our benches from a myriad of companies, but honestly the quality, innovation, and variety of Pedro’s products ensure that the yellow-handled tools are in almost constant use. A great example of that innovation is the Tutto chain tool. We sell more Campagnolo components than the average shop, and having a chain tool that works on 9, 10 and 11 speed chains has proven invaluable.”

Kids at the Community Bike Center in Biddeford, ME

Kids at the Community Bike Center in Biddeford, ME

Executive Director, Community Bike Center, Biddeford, ME
Enjoying the ride with Pedro’s since 2008

“The Community Bicycle Center appreciates the commitment Pedros has made to our youth development efforts through kids learning how to maintain and repair bicycles. The repair stands, specialty bike tools, lubricants and cleaning supplies they have provided help the kids feel like they are truly working in a bike shop and learning how to be bike mechanics.”

Thom Parsons

Thom Parsons

Operations Manager at Boston Bikes Roll It Forward and Youth Cycling Program, Boston, MA
Bike Rider/Bike Writer
Enjoying the ride with Pedro’s since 2000

“My whole life is bikes. When I’m not riding them or wrenching on them, I’m writing or making videos about riding them and wrenching on them, and, I gotta say, there’s a whole lot of Pedro’s yellow in my life. I work for two Boston City cycling programs — Roll It Forward and Youth Cycling Program. Roll It Forward collects donation bikes from various partners, fixes them up, and then redistributes them to low income Boston residents, many of them children. Youth Cycling Program goes around to Boston City schools with a fleet of bikes, educating kids in grades 2-12 about bicycle safety, maintenance, and generally getting them stoked on riding a bike. I’m also a bike racer and the guy family members call when their baby jogger gets a flat.

When I’m wrenching on bikes for RIF, I’ve invariably got a Pedro’s Y Wrench in my back pocket, a Pedro’s L wrench in my right-front pocket, and any one of Pedro’s killer tools clenched in my right hand. Often we have apprentices, kids we’ve pulled in from our programs, helping out in the shop. Thanks to support from Pedro’s, those kids are also wielding Pedro’s tools, our pegboard is wall to wall yellow. These tools take a beating, getting more than the average amount of use as they pull Huffies and Magnas back from the brink of death, and they hold up awesomely.

Every one of the instructors in the Youth Cycling Program is packin’ an ICM Multi Tool at all times, ready for saddle adjustments or on the road repairs. What I like about the ICM is that it’s not some dinky, useless, lightweight tool made for a Capuchin Monkey; it’s a very functional, durable, human-sized tool. It’s meant to be used to resolve mechanical disasters, not carried as a mojo to ward them off.

On any given day I’ve got an apprentice tool kit in my car, on race day I’ve got a Master Tool Kit. Beats the hell out of some cluttered jump bag hands down, every time. With the Apprentice kit I know I can solve most minor problems with a modern bicycle, with the Master Kit I know I can solve most of the major ones. I’ve got enough things to worry about on race day, things like: “Should I run 18 psi or 18.5 psi in my tires?” or “Will the leftover Buffalo Chicken calzone I ate for breakfast stay down on lap one?” I don’t need to be worrying about whether I packed the right tools.

Thanks to Pedro’s for supporting great programs like RIF and YCP and for producing reliable tools that keep me rolling on the race course.”


Jim Tasse with the Bike and Build Program participants.

Professional Bike Advocate and Educator with the Bicycle Coalition of Maine, Portland, ME
Avid mountain, commuter and road bicyclist.
Enjoying the ride with Pedro’s since 2000

“Pedros is a great supporter of bicycling culture, and the Bicycle Coalition of Maine is a huge believer in the way Pedros does business! I recently conducted a bike safety training for thirty recent college grads who are part of the Bike and Build Program, which has folks ride bikes across the country to communities to build Habitat for Humanities houses. As part of our flat tire demo, I equipped each of the program participants with a pair of Pedros yellow tire levers! Pedros’ support for grassroots bicycle education sets it apart from other bike tool companies–they are local, accessible, and about building a bicycle culture–NOT just making money! Thank you, Pedros!”

Curtis Jackson

Curtis B. Jackson

Racer, Medford, MA
Enjoying the ride with Pedro’s since 1991

“Been riding bicycles for 47 years. Competed in mountain bike races, observed trials and BMX. Bicycles are a big part of my life. I too own many PEDRO’S products. Best stuff out there! A small secret up until now. I’ve got Pedro’s work stand, tools, lubes, stickers, and a big patch on my motorcycle leather jacket. PEDRO’S!”

Curtis Jackson

William Goure

Cyclist, Livermore, CA
Enjoying the ride with Pedro’s since 2000

“My wife and I ride bikes for fun, averaging 50 to 100 miles per week. We have over 20 bikes, including 2 tandems, mountain bikes, road bikes, folding bikes, and cycle cross bikes. Pedro’s has wonderful tools!”


Pedro Rovira

Cyclist, Miami, FL
Enjoying the ride with Pedro’s since 2010

“Cycling gives me meaning, a sense of accomplishment, and the ability to strive to constantly improve. I primarily road bike for fun, athletic reasons, and for commuting. I also service and do all mechanical work on my bikes. Pedro’s helps keep my bike fresh from Pedro’s Bike Lust down to the Chain Pig, Chainj lube, and Orange Peelz degreaser. I love rocking Pedro’s old school line of cycling jerseys to further enhance my ride. I don’t use any other bike products on the market. Pedro’s line of bike care products allow me to ride smooth and look good doing it. I connect with Pedro’s on many levels from their belief’s on using environmentally-conscious products down to their slogan: My name is Pedro Rovira born in 1989 and always enjoy the ride just like Pedro’s! ”

Daniel Leader

Mechanic & Cyclist, Nashville TN
Enjoying the ride with Pedro’s since 1998

“I grew up on single track in Tennessee, then moved to Boston and traded my mountain bike for a road bike…or three. Now I am a mechanic working on everything from Schwins with coaster brakes to custom Fireflys and Sevens, outfited with Super Record and Di2 and everything in between, while still enjoying the ride every morning and every night. Pedro’s makes my job in the shop much easier and more pleasurable with tools, cleaners, degreasers, and lubes that work not only for my customers’ bikes but also for my own. Every flat I fix is done with a Pedro’s Tire Lever and every chain is lubed with either Chainj, Syn Lube or Go! because I know that every Pedro’s product will outperform anything else.”

Matthew Bracken

Matthew Bracken

aka Matty b, Pedro’s NA, Boston, MA
Enjoying the ride with Pedro’s since 1989

“I can remember standing in front of the White House back in the summer of 1989 working a National Criterium for Shimano, when I was handed my first bottle of Syn Lube – (it wasn’t named and the branding was to come later) – by Andrew Herrick and introduced to co-founder Bruce Fina. Syn Lube created the entire bike care segment, as the only other choice at the time was 3:1 cycle oil or some drip lube with Teflon based ingredients. Syn Lube is coming into it’s 25th Anniversary next Spring, and it represents the staying power of great products. Since the inception of the brand, till today, I have been an avid Pedro’s user, critic, believer and now, member of the company. It is a great honor and achievement to survive, and even flourish for 24 years within the cycling industry. Like the many different women and men who have left their “link” in the Pedro’s chain, I hope I will help make things better for all of our supporters and Pedro’s fans. The reality is if you make great tools, they will last a long time. I have some tools in my original tool kit, (at Pedro’s we have the Master Tool Kit 3.0), that are 25 years or older that helped me make a livelihood and earn a respectable living doing what I love. I am the “Florence Nightengale” of bikes. If I can do my job well, bikes will ride safely, quietly, shiny, and tightly. It is really cool knowing everyday I wake and now share my world with my family, partners, and members of cycling at large that I have the “tools” to improve and keep things moving forward. I sincerely hope we meet one day on a ride, at an event, or even after a cold rainy day at a Pedro’s event wash station. I may just be washing your bike. Pro mechanics worldwide often joke, and rightfully so, when asked for a title or job description – we are just professional bike washers. So if you ask me what I do for Pedro’s and the answer is pro bike washer, I hope you will leave with a clean bike and a smile knowing your job is to get it dirty all over again…”

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